Herman Bowling

Herman Bowling is the Assistant Vice President for Housing and Community Investment at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati. Herman has thirty years experience in designing and implementing community development initiatives of single-family and multi-unit acquisition, rehab, resale, and new construction developments. He has detailed knowledge of local, state and federal compliance regulations for HUD CDBG, HOME, NSP, LIHTC funds. Herman worked for thirty years at the City of Cincinnati, ending his career there as Housing Division Manger in the Department of Community Development.

Herman currently assists in the development, management and administration of the Federal Home Loan Bank’s affordable housing and economic development programs, and is responsible for the management of the daily operations of the Housing & Community Investment (HCI) department.


  • HUD
    • All the Right Moves (Relocation)
    • Effective Written Agreement
    • Expert HOME and CDBG: Working Together to Create Affordable Housing
    • Building HOME
    • Davis Bacon/Prevailing Wage
    • HOME and NSP: Creating Affordable Housing
  • National Development Council
    • Economic Development Financing Training Series
    • Housing Development Financing Training Series

Revised: 20-Dec-2012