Dean Watkins

Dean Watkins has more than 30 years of experience in public administration, police administration, community development and finance. He is a certified Economic Development Finance Professional, with expertise ranging from budget and finance – including capital budgeting and project management – to housing revitalization and organizational reviews, in addition to his knowledge of police operations.

He was a supervisor in the Budget and Evaluation Office of the City of Cincinnati where he directed budget development and built revenue forecasting models. He has extensive budget and finance experience, has managed community development programs and managed loan fund portfolios of over $20 million. In addition, Mr. Watkins has extensive knowledge of federal programs and requirements, having been the City of Cincinnati’s Community Development Administrator for 8 years.

Dean has also managed staff directly involved in the development of new housing and rehabilitation of existing housing for all market ranges, and provided city financing and support to several HOPE VI redevelopment efforts to transform public housing. Mr. Watkins has assisted, in partnership with commercial banks and others, moderate income families to become home owners and to rehabilitate homes that had been neglected. He has been instrumental in the revitalization efforts of inner-city neighborhoods through both housing and economic development projects. He has the rather unique experience of transforming a brown-field site to market rate housing.

Dean Watkins has served as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of a community development financial institution and served on several boards and committees in the community. He has experience evaluating properties for acquisition, acquiring properties, accumulating and consolidating sites, demolishing badly deteriorated sites, and directing rehabilitation and new construction. He has knowledge of lending practices, housing development and housing purchase finance practices.

Dean also has six years of local government consulting experience. He has worked with an Ohio village to determine their fiscal situation and, he assisted them by reducing their accounts payable substantially and putting together a plan to guide them toward financial solvency. Dean has worked on organizational reviews of many local governments. He has helped develop comprehensive systems of performance measures and management systems for local governments.

Revised: 17-Jan-2010